Storage Tetbury

Triple-A Removals is a family-owned moving and storage company serving Tetbury town and surrounding areas. We are your go-to team for professional and timely commercial and residential moves. Our excellent services and operational efficiency have given us a distinction over our competitors. We provide the best long-term and short-term storage solutions to match each customer’s unique needs.

Extensive Storage Services

At Triple-A Removals, we understand the monetary and emotional value attached to your belongings. Therefore, we offer spacious rental storage spaces to suit your storage needs and budget. The storage units are clean and come in a range of sizes to cater to the unique storage needs of both businesses and homeowners.

Our selection of storage services for our clients include:

Short-term and Long-term Storage

If you’re decluttering your home or office or you’re looking for a space to keep your belongings after securing a job in another town, we’ve got solutions to suit your needs. We offer both short-term and long-term storage. We’ll store your belongings on your behalf and then bring them back when you want them.

Collection and Delivery

We know it’s practically a hassle to move your valuables and belongings to and from our storage facilities. Therefore, we offer pickup and delivery services to ease how you transport your belongings, saving you time and money. We provide rental trucks to cater to both long-distance and short-distance moves. Our cost-effective rental pickup trucks are perfect for small moves, while our heavy-duty trucks suit bigger business moves.

Packing Services

It requires a lot of time and patience to wrap items, label them and pack. Also, the packing has to be done carefully, or else there might be breakages. At Triple A, we offer reliable packing services. We will drive to your home or business and do the muscle-straining job of packing your belongings. Our packers are trained and experienced in handling all sorts of items. They are also available on a 24-hour basis to help you pack at a time that suits you.

Benefits of Using Our Storage Services

The benefits of renting our storage facilities are many. The following are some unique features that make our storage service stand out:

  • Safety guarantee: Our storage facilities have gated entries. As for our storage units, they are protected with sophisticated security technology. In addition, our facilities are 24/7 secured with CCTV cameras and proper lighting.
  • Climate-controlled storage facilities: This ensures your belongings are sheltered from high temperatures and dampness.
  • Easy way to declutter: Our self-storage units serve as the new home to your unused household or office items. If you bought new furniture, equipment, or clothes and you wouldn’t want to dispose of the old stuff, you can count on us to store these items for you. That way, you’ll have enough space in your home or office to neatly organize your new belongings while keeping the old ones intact and safe.
  • We offer insurance cover for all items stored in our warehouse. Therefore your valuables are fully compensated in case there is any theft, damage, or loss.
  • Affordable rates: We offer transparent quotes to each of our clients. Our rates are pretty friendly to your pocket. We always take time to evaluate your belongings before we provide a price quote. We always stick to the quoted price, and under no circumstance should we trick you into paying more.

If in need of reliable and close-by storage services in Tetbury, contact us at Triple A. Our quality storage facilities are available to store anything that can’t yet be moved.